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Smokeless Oil Lighter

Control Systems Company lights the way with patented, low-opacity oil lighter technology.

Foremost among the advantages of our "TFL" series smokeless oil lighters is the superior quality of the generated flame. By paying particular attention to the design of the fuel and combustion air delivery systems, our engineers have succeeded in creating a lighter that consistently produces a bushier, more stable flame pattern – thus ensuring immediate ignition of the pulverized coal – all the while meeting the most stringent opacity requirements.

"TFL" oil lighters feature a top mounted Firesafe Valveblock Assembly with integral pressure gauges and manual shut-of valves. This device optimizes the flow of air & oil to the oil gun while maximizing the effectiveness of the purge cycle. The valveblock can be fitted with either an air/air or air/spring actuator for controlling the automatic air and oil ball valves.

The Control Systems Company, Smokeless Oil Lighter, which is readily removable without having to disconnect the feed lines, incorporates dual, self-healing valves, that improve performance while virtually eliminating oil spills. Furthermore, our guns are non-retractable – thus eliminating a traditional maintenance headache.

Other maintenance operations are simpler too – not only because our guns remain cool and are easier to handle – but because of our exclusive "media-path-cross-over" fuel distribution system. This feature enhances the removal of residual oil during the purge cycle, thus preventing the oil gun from ever "coking up."

Feature for feature, our "TFL" smokeless oil lighters light the way, providing dependable, smoke-free lightoffs – the first time, every time!

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