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Lighter Assemblies

The Control Systems Company Complete Ignition System is an effective solution to ignition problems. It all starts with exceptional flame quality that is also highly reliable and stable. Thanks to a well thought out and flexible design, the system is retrofittable with most existing systems. This modular system can be custom designed to fit your operation and would includes the proven CSC high energy ignition and the oil gun/atomizing assemblies and optionally the reliable Iris flame detection system.

Ignitor Tips

Ignition Equipment


Atomizers Assemblies
High Energy Gas & Oil Ignitors
High Energy Ignition Probes, Tips, Wires, Ignition Cables
High Energy Power Supplies
Oil Guns
Portable Power Supplies
Smokeless Oil Lighter
Spark Electrodes

..and more:
Couplings & Parts
Flame Rods
Gas Pilots
High Energy Retract Assemblies
Ignition Electrodes
Ignition Transformers (Oil & Gas)
Replaceable Ignition Tips (Oil & Gas)
Replaceable Parts for Oil & Gas Burners and Torches



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