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Spark RodsControl Systems Company has engineered its Ignitor Probe Assembly and Power Supply Unit for maximum performance and dependability with minimum maintenance. CSC Model #156-913 is designed to fit most existing burner equipment. The Control Systems' Ignitor is built with special heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, and precious metals to last three times longer than the industry standard. As a result, the Probe Tip has extended durability in the high heat zone of the burner. The design and fabrication give the added advantage of replacing vital components without requiring replacement of the entire assembly.

The main components of the Control Systems' Ignitor Probe Assembly Model #156-913 are:
Ignitor Probe Tip: Part #156-414
Ceramic Wire Sub-Assembly: Part #156-621
Adapter: Part #156-419

• Made from special high-temperature mateiral, rated 1800 F.
• Designed to reduce galling of threads and to facilitate ease of replacement.
• The design of arcing surface ensures ignition and increased durability.
• Heavy wall construction the entire length of the Tip.
• Standard cable connector adapts to Control Systems' and other manufacturers' Power Supply Assemblies.


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