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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of pricing structure or discount percent can CSC offer to customers?

Controls Systems Company can offer a pricing structure for commonly stocked parts that guarantee to be lower than current purchases. This pricing structure applies to Control Systems Company’s manufactured brand-name equipment and included CSC’s own ignition equipment.

2. How long can CSC hold its prices and how often are they updated?

Control Systems Company can hold its blanket order pricing for a period of one (1) to three (3) years; prices are updated annually, based on volume purchases.

3. Describe CSC’s overall facilities including (a) hours of operations, (b) number of employees, (c) technical abilities and manufacturing capabilities, (d) warehouse space, and (e) inventory system.

(a) Operating hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday
(b) Number of employees: 22
(c) Technical abilities and manufacturing: A summary of CSC’s technical and manufacturing abilities can be found in the attached company brochure.
(d) Warehouse space: CSC’s warehouse space consists of 10,000 sq. ft. of storage area.
(e) Inventory system: CSC’s Senior Buyer has setup a MAS 90 inventory system.

4. What are CSC’s capabilities for after-hours emergency service and support?

Control Systems Company’s capabilities for after-hours emergency services and support are listed on the enclosed “Service Request Policy” sheet.

5. Is CSC willing to stock inventory for next-day delivery?

In-house stock would be available to satisfy outage schedules and general requests. Control Systems Company currently stocks inventory for its blanket order customers.

6. What are CSC’s delivery methods?

Control Systems Company’s delivery methods include next-day delivery via UPS or any other cost effective carrier our customer selects.

7. What is CSC’s billing terms?

General billing terms are Net 30 days

8. Will CSC accept credit card purchases?

CSC accepts all major credit cards.

9. What are CSC’s freight terms?

Control Systems Company’s freight terms are FOB Hudson, OH 44236

10. What is CSC’s return policy?

Control Systems Company’s return policy on damaged or incorrect items require verbal confirmation or a simple Return of Goods form sent to the customer referencing all pertinent order information for those items scheduled to be returned. Method for which new product sent to the customer will be determined at that time.

11. What additional services or benefits can CSC provide to customers?

• No-cost storage fees for blanket term customers.

• A field visit annually by a qualified service technician to assess installed equipment for predictive maintenance purposes, with a report issued to the customer containing suggestive maintenance and replacement of worn parts, based on usage.

Control Systems Company offers its customers the opportunity to lower their costs on ignition equipment purchases along with lower maintenance costs.

We thank you for your interest and look forward to being of service to you.

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