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Control Systems Company
Our mission and values set us apart. They inspire us to achieve more and serve as the guiding principles for how we will operate our business now and into the future.

Our Mission
Control Systems Company does not fix problems. Control Systems Company SOLVES problems. Our goal is to be the preferred vendor for all of our customers for replaceable ignition equipment. To deliver innovative technologies and solutions to fulfill the needs of our customers. We are committed to the relentless pursuit of providing the highest quality products and service to our customers. To our employees, provide a challenging, rewarding, and safe work environment. Where cooperation, cross communication and teamwork are embraced.Note: Control Systems Company is a manufacturer of Replaceable Ignition Equipment for all your OEM Equipment (all material and manufacturing - Made in the USA). We are the NAPA Auto parts for the utility industry. We are an Alternate Vendor to the Utilities’ choice of the OEM. We can supply any of your existing ignition equipment that you currently purchase from the OEM as well as supplying your company with Control Systems Company’s Ignition Equipment. We have a better product manufactured with superior materials, unbeatable delivery times to where in-stock items can be delivered the next day (we manufacture everything in-house so we are flexible and understanding in regards to our customer’s just-in-time delivery schedules) and don’t forget CSC’s pricing – we pride ourselves on being lower than the OEM.

We are also the vendor for the utilities that can provide those custom projects, where the Utility customer cannot find the original OEM or the OEM does not make that item anymore, but CSC can. Control Systems Company can produce the same product or reverse engineer the product to make the design work more efficiently.

And lastly, our customers are the number one reason we are in business, therefore Control Systems Company feels that every customer deserves the best customer service. We are there before the order is place, we are there during the production of the order, we are there for the installation and we are there after -- continuing to provide our customers the best ignition solutions and continued customer service. We pride ourselves on being a customer-service based company. When there is an installation of any of CSC’s equipment, no matter what day of the week of what hour of the day -- Control Systems Company will be there for our customers. We are there for answers, technical direction and solutions to our customer’s problems.

Ignition Equipment

Atomizers Assemblies
High Energy Gas & Oil Ignitors
High Energy Ignition Probes, Tips, Wires, Ignition Cables
High Energy Power Supplies
Oil Guns
Portable Power Supplies
Smokeless Oil Lighter
Spark Electrodes

..and more:
Couplings & Parts
Flame Rods
Gas Pilots
High Energy Retract Assemblies
Ignition Electrodes
Ignition Transformers (Oil & Gas)
Replaceable Ignition Tips (Oil & Gas)
Replaceable Parts for Oil & Gas Burners and Torches



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